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Dear Friend,

This week is my last week as CEO of White Ribbon Alliance. Oh, what a journey and adventure it has been! I am proud of our collective commitment and the many things we have accomplished together over the years.

I joined White Ribbon Alliance (WRA) 17 years ago because I, like WRA, hold a firm belief that people know best their own problems and their own solutions. I also saw maternal mortality—the primary focus of WRA at the time—as a stark indicator of the lack of value placed on women’s lives. I was not a health care provider or a public health professional. I was—and am—a social justice advocate who believes that systems change is the only sustainable and scalable solution to address deep inequalities.

Our movement has come a long way, generating significant attention and action for improved health at all levels. We’ve centered women’s and communities’ voices and experiences in all that we do—from the Stories of Mothers Lost exhibition to the current What Women Want campaign. We’ve been unwavering that advancing sexual, reproductive, maternal, and newborn health care is inherently political and we have not shied away from speaking to truth to power. We’ve helped to break the silence on mistreatment, disrespect, discrimination, and abuse of women in the health system—in high-income and low-income countries alike. We’ve championed approaches such as self-care that trust women to make the best decisions for themselves and their bodies.

We’ve also learned a lot as an Alliance and have continued to hold the mirror up to ourselves and to be increasingly honest about how truly diverse, inclusive, and equitable we are—and to develop concrete plans that match our values.

As I conclude my time at WRA, I am optimistic for the future. My successors are bold and courageous. They are committed to actively challenge systems of oppression and to spreading power within and outside the WRA movement. WRA leaders around the world will build connections and support movements for the rights of all people. Centered on justice, I am confident the vision of a world where women and girls realize their right to health and well-being will be realized.

Thank you for the years of support—and challenge—to carry out this role. It has been the absolute privilege of a lifetime.

In solidarity,

Betsy McCallon
Chief Executive Officer
WRA Global

Headshot of Mary Dapash, Youth Champion, WRA Kenya

Accountability Unscripted—The After Show

Following the PMNCH Accountability Breakfast, White Ribbon Alliance hosted 2021's boldest UNGA76 side event—Accountability Unscripted. This after show featured open and honest conversations with civil society and grassroots champions who shared their “unscripted,” real-time take on the call for greater accountability. This conversation will make you laugh, cry, and invigorate you to take action.

Watch the recording…

FIGO 2021 World Pre-Congress Workshop 

White Ribbon Alliance is proud to elevate voices from the community during the “Integrating Respectful Care into Practice with the International Childbirth Initiative” Pre-Congress workshop. Join us on October 3 at 5:00pm EDT to hear directly from women and families advocating for change in maternity care. Registration for the workshop is $25 and Congress registration is not required.

Please contact mtherrien@icichildbirth.org to register.

Learn more...

­A Call for Quality Care: WRA India’s Aparajita Gogoi argues high healthcare coverage isn’t enough to improve health outcomes—we must improve quality of care as well, including for family planning.

Commemorating 10 Years: In a virtual event, Merck for Mothers brought together collaborators and global leaders—including WRA Kenya’s Angela Nguku—to discuss and reflect on a decade of progress for maternal health.

WRA’s 2020 Annual Report: Explore key moments and highlights from the last year amplifying the voices of millions of women and girls demanding their human rights.

Leaders Must Champion ‘Self-Care’ in Bid to Improve African Women’s Health: WRA joins Self Care Trailblazer Group partners to discuss how we can better place women and girls at the center of their own healthcare.

Donate to White Ribbon Alliance and join a global community empowering women and girls by supporting them to demand their rights to quality health care.
Photo of woman from Pakistan holding What Women Want demand that reads

World Contraception Day: Improving Budget Availability

Each year, September 26 marks World Contraception Day, bringing awareness to contraceptive methods so individuals can make informed choices on their sexual and reproductive health. Through harnessing the power of What Women Want demands for family planning (FP), WRA Pakistan secured a major budget increase (nearly 57%!) in Khyber Paktunkhwa province to expand access to FP services and supplies! Learn more in a new report.

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